Shannon Rhee
     Product Designer


            Product Design Lead—shipped 0 to 1 projects like Multiple Cash Accounts, Product Rebrand, Account Setup, contributtions to Design Systems, and experiences on the Mobile App. On Growth, I led design for the Studio Team, owning the Referrals and Rewards Program; Referrals focused on experimentation, running over 16+ experiments across various surfaces, while Rewards focused on taking disparate pieces of a legacy feature to better align incentives with customer motivations. Please reach out to learn more. 

Ubiquity6 acq. by Discord
           3D Web Tool for AR—designed the earliest iteration of the web tool to make 3D experiences, enabling multi-player in augmented reality. Collaborated with the SFMOMA, where participants were able to simultaneously interact with AR content inspired by the surrealist works of René Magritte on display at the museum.

           Web Search & Mobile Onboarding—designed and shipped the Search feature for web, which was newly slated to launch at the time. Joined when the the design team was 3 people, creating opportunities to explore experiences across many surfaces including mobile onboarding; designing ways for people to add stocks to their watchlist, as well as shipping the app integration for Siri.

Frog Design
            Field Research & Strategy—worked with a project team of 8, conducting user research, synthesizing insights, and proposing solutions within a 10 week period. I had the opportunity to fly out and meet the client, spending a week gathering insights about their problem space. Under NDA.

            Mobile App—worked on the earliest iteration of the mobile app, which would later serve as the foundation of Cruise’s Driverless Experience. Under NDA.


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